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Choosing The Best Landlord: Five Essential Points

Choosing The Best Landlord: Five Essential Points

Are you one of the tenants who are able to find good apartments but end up with a troubling landlord? Choosing the best landlord involves some essential considerations.

So many times you run into absentee owner who never communicates, hardly answers the phone and the only time they show up is when it’s time for rent.

Then there are these types of the landlord, who like pestering tenants, micromanage their decisions and inquire about the tenant’s personal lives.

But don’t worry as there are plenty of good landlords out there. Kindness and honesty are not just the only qualities they have. But in order to be lucky enough to get a good landlord, you must look for the following qualities.


The first thing to look for in a landlord is transparency. It is something more desirable than honesty. A good landlord remains transparent about his/her rental property. To stay upfront with every detail of the rental property matters. Such details may include citing things like odd temperature fluctuations, phone reception issues and various other rodent issues that every tenant would want to know about.

Proper Documentation

You might come across many landlords who don’t take documentation as an important step in establishing a landlord tenant relationship. Oftentimes such landlords show a laid back attitude in ensuring complete documentation. Thus, another essential point in choosing a good landlord is to go for the one that makes sure a written lease, signed by both parties, is in place.

A proper lease contains all the information including property condition, handling of the deposit, the behavior of the tenants etc. In other words a well created lease avoids any future misunderstandings that may occur down the road.

Ensure Property Maintenance

Always go for a landlord that values property maintenance and fulfill their responsibility. There are landlords who forget about their responsibilities of property maintenance as soon as the agreement is signed and the tenant moves in.

Such landlords deal with property issues with complete radio silence. On the contrary, a good landlord makes sure that the rented property is neat and clean before tenants move in. If the property requires any kind of maintenance, the landlord ensures its completion at the earliest possible.

Best Landlord is Professional

Remember you are in a business deal with your landlord and this requires both of you to show adequate professionalism. Always pay attention to the way the landlord appears, presents himself, speaks and acts. If the landlord values professionalism, it is an indication that you are dealing with a good landlord.

A professional landlord is both friendly and firm in policies. They know how to carry out their real estate transaction without being disrespectful or condescending, and this eventually goes a long way in terms of retention.


Always look for a landlord that doesn’t leave you in the dark.  A good landlord ensures effective and timely communication. They address issues quickly, answer questions effectively, and keep tenants informed about maintenance work. When you work with a well spoken landlord, he/she keeps you in the loop and makes it easier for you to establish an effective relationship in the long run.

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