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Questions to Ask a Potential Real Estate Agent

Questions to Ask a Potential Real Estate Agent

Looking around to hire a real estate agent? You’ll be working with them until you sell or buy a home.  How do you ensure that you’re selecting one of the best agents out there? Interview them – but limit yourself to important questions only. Because just like you’re evaluating the real estate agent, they are evaluating you as a potential client as well.

Let’s take a look at what you should ask your agent before you begin working with them.

How much experience do you have?

Fresh real estate agents, just out of class have no experience, but at times these agents may possess desirable skills for the real estate industry, which can help them reach the top very soon.  Their success also depends on their training and the mentors that they choose.

So, should you go with new agents, or not? Well, a fresh real estate agent may be able to give you more time, but if they’re involved in another part time job as well, then no. Also if you want to buy or sell a home more quickly, then go with an experienced real estate agent.

Thus, you can ask a potential real estate agent about their other professional commitments, whether they have undergone any kind of training and the years that they have spent in the industry.

What is the average ratio between the listed prices and the sales prices?

The average ratio of any real estate agent depends on the real estate market, but generally, they can be regarded as a good if they can negotiate sales prices to a number that is lower than the listed prices. If you want to sell a home, then choose an agent who has a higher ratio, something close to 100%. And if you want to buy a home, then you should obviously go with an agent with a lower ratio.

And yes, you can directly ask about ratios along with areas where the potential agent has sold the greatest number of homes.

What strategy would you suggest, considering my needs as a real estate agent?

If you are a potential buyer, ask your agent how they’ll search for a home that has the features you want, is within your budget and located in a desirable neighborhood. Also ask if you would be competing with other potential buyers and what would the potential real estate agent do if they received multiple offers for the same property?

If you want to sell a home, ask the agent about recommended marketing strategies and the reasons for choosing them. Also find out how often your house will be advertised and if any photography services are offered.

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