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Competitive Real Estate Market

When Competition Levels are high in the Real Estate Market…

Considering the economic theory, the free market grows by following a fundamental principle known as competition. This is due to this competition that customer receives better service quality, lower prices, and more choices. A competitive real estate market has distinct indications.

Just like any other market, competition in today’s real estate market is also a very important factor.

It helps in its development. But from a buyer or seller’s point of view, high competition in the real estate market can be a difficult problem to deal with.

When there is a competition in the real estate market, you usually hear terms like low inventory, cash flow, or even bidding wars.

While it is hard to search for a new house in a competitive market, the key to getting success is to keep going.

But the question is; how would you know if you are dealing with a competitive market?

Well, your real estate agent might help you take in the fact but there are also some signs of a competitive real estate market. Let’s have a look.

Cash offers

The major sign of a competitive real estate market is when a seller reasonably starts expecting cash offers for the property. When a buyer comes in with cash, he/she is more likely to beat out a loan offer almost every time.

Bidding Wars

This is another major indication of fierce competition in the real estate market. This happens when aspiring home buyers try to surpass each other in some battle over making the highest offer. This phenomenon of bidding wars is actually very common on properties that are in great condition, a low price and really good location.

Escalation Clauses

The term escalation clause might sound more like a real estate elf right from the North Pole! It may bring you a Christmas gift in advance and in the form of your dream house. But don’t forget that everything in a competitive real estate market comes with a price. So when you insert an escalation clause in the bid, it indicates that you want to increase your offer’s dollar amount up to a particular point in case there are some other higher bids. If you are thinking why would you do this? The answer is growing competition.

Sell Price Goes Beyond Asking Price

If you want to see the rule of supply and demand, it is nowhere more obvious than the real estate market. Thus, one of the biggest signs of real estate competition is houses which sell for a lot more than their actual listing prices. This means that lower bidders are left back on the mean street to pound the pavement.

Not Much to Choose From

You must know that you are dealing in a competitive market when you search online but everything seems to be snatched off the shelf. You get nothing to choose from because housing is under contract instantly. So if you are racing to reach out to properties before the competition does, simply set up an alert on your device to notify you regarding new listings.

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