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4 Common Downsizing Mistakes

4 Common Downsizing Mistakes

Thinking of downsizing? The idea of downgrading will anger many of you, but once done, you would be glad you did it. After all, you wouldn’t have to spend hours cleaning the house or maintaining the lawn. Plus, you’d have more money in your pocket. Though downsizing does have its pros, common downsizing mistakes can often create a hurdle. If you’re interested, here are the top four downsizing mistakes to avoid.

1.     Waiting too long to move out

Waiting too long is one of the most common downsizing mistakes. If you don’t live with your kids anymore, and have already paid off your mortgage, then downsizing may be a good option for you. You have the strength and energy right now to traverse through the process, whereas if you delay, you may encounter difficulties.

Often a lot of you tend to wait rather than downsize – generally, you would avoid it until your spouse dies, you fall ill or grow older. But all these circumstances are definitely not ideal for a move. So plan ahead, and downsize when the time is right.

2.     Offering unlimited time to your kids

Your kids can help you downsize and take away all items that belong to them and for which you don’t have space. But give them a time limit to do this, and if not done within that period then just get rid of those items, rather than wait for your kids to take them away.

3.     Tackling the entire house together

One of the most common downsizing mistakes is to tackle everything and all the rooms together. This will just make things more complex and difficult. A much better approach is to start with the shed in your yard and the kitchen. If you’re moving into a condo where the association takes care of the lawn, you really don’t need any lawn tools with you.

Still, if gardening is a hobby, you can keep your gloves and a spade for small houseplants, and get rid of other items. Considering the kitchen, this will definitely take some work. Begin by a setting aside the items that you use every day or at least once a week or month. Try to remove all other items so as to ensure that all appliances and kitchenware will fit in the smaller space in your new home.

4.     Tossing everything into the trash

You really don’t have to throw away everything in the trash. Instead, hold a garage sale for items that are still in a good condition and can be reused. If this seems like as hassle, then spread word on your social media account or get on touch with an organization that buys used furniture. And if you want, you can give away all unwanted items to charity as well.

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