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The Final Walk-Through: What to Do Before Closing the Deal

The Final Walk Through: What to Do Before Closing the Deal

You have found your dream house, you made the offer and it has been accepted by the seller. You’ve already done the inspection and your loan is finalized. An escrow closing date is also set. Sounds Great! But are you quite finished yet? No! The final walk through is the last step before closing.

The Final Walk Through

The final walk through is the final step in your home buying process. It ensures that the condition of the property hasn’t changed since you last visited and that all the terms of your contract are met.

A final walk through is arranged by the real estate agent. It is done at least one day prior to closing. If the walk through is formal or informal depends on the local customs and your contract. The only difference is that if you go with for a formal final walk through you will have to sign a contract addendum to confirm that everything is perfect and you’ve done the final walk through.

So what do you need to consider during the final walk through? Let’s find out!

  • Take the contract with you as you may need to refer to it
  • It is great if you can perform the final walk through in the presence of the seller. A seller knows the property better and can answer all of your questions while providing answers on the home’s history.
  • If you are purchasing a house that was vacant, it becomes more important to perform a final walk through. For example, someone might have kept the faucet dripping that may have caused water damage.
  • Keep a checklist of things to perform during your final walk through including inspecting the house exterior, especially if there were rainstorms or strong wind since you visited previously.
  • Always check all the light fixtures. It is advised to check them by turning on and off.
  • Look out for the items that the seller might have replaced. This includes removal of any fixtures like chandeliers or anything that is supposed to be left behind as per the contract terms.
  • Flush all toilets.
  • Check the garage and test its door openers
  • Turn on all water faucets and look out for leaks under the sink
  • Turn on the exhaust fans and garbage disposal
  • Check storm windows and screen and see if they work properly. Make sure if you know where they are placed and if they are in good shape.
  • Check the status of all the agreed upon fixtures
  • Perform a visual spot check of walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Check all the doors and windows by opening and closing them
  • Check the storage areas and ensure that no unwanted items or trash remain. It is a common practice by many sellers that they leave behind hazardous materials and old paint cans.
  • Don’t forget to perform the ground check. Some sellers dig up and take away plants, bushes, and small trees.

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