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Good Real Estate Deal

Get a Good Real Estate Deal During the Off Season with these Tips

During the holiday season, travelling, shopping sprees, baking, gift wrapping, and other festive preparations are in full swing. And for many potential buyers and sellers, buying or selling a home is not top of the list so it is a great time to get a good real estate deal.

Nonetheless, for some of the sellers, selling their homes may be important because they’re relocating, have a better investment opportunity or simply for any other reason. So in other words, active sellers during the off season actually want to sell their homes quickly. And as a buyer, you can use this to your advantage, and get a really good real estate deal.

Here are some great tips that can help you buy during the off season. After all, inventory levels are low during the holiday season, and somehow, you may just be able to turn the limited home supply in your favor.

Negotiate confidently

The off season is the time when you, as a buyer, usually have the upper hand and a better chance of getting a more favorable and good real estate deal. So walk into the negotiation process with an air of confidence. Remember that the seller likely wants to sell quickly and would budge on the final price and other parts of the deal.

Do show up

Open houses scheduled during the off season attract a small number of attendees, reducing the buyer’s pool considerably. Show up and let the seller know you are at least interested, and chances are, they’ll agree to a really good offer.

Don’t be scared buy the snow!

The off season is so snowy, but don’t let this keep you away from buying your dream house. Yes, we understand that you wouldn’t be able to figure out the curb appeal so well if the snow hides everything, but look past all the mountains of white, and do go check out the house – because the seller is anxious to sell and no longer wants to pay high heating bills for that house anymore.

Do your homework

While sellers can agree to a lower deal, don’t pitch in a number that is way too low. The seller will feel insulted and may not even agree to reduce the asking price by a mere 5% or 10%?

So instead of going too low on the price, ask for other perks like that pool table or some other piece of furniture.

Utilize a real estate agent!

Simply because they can help you battle through the cold winter season and find you an amazing house even when the inventories are low.

So play your cards right and get a good real estate deal even during the off season. Keep following our blog for more great advice on selling and buying a home!

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