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5 Home Improvement Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

5 Home Improvement Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

Planning to sell your home? What can you do to get the maximum bang for your buck?  Here are some great home improvement tips that can increase the value of your home and help you get a better deal.

Seek professional advice

Ask a real estate agent to check out your home, or if you want, you can even hire a designer as well. They’ll go from one room to another, and even the outside area. They will suggest several ways to increase the value of your home.

Why can’t you yourself survey the house? Because you wouldn’t see your home from a potential buyer’s eye, but they would. They can advise on home improvement ideas based on what most of the buyers desire.

Get your home inspected

Getting your home inspected doesn’t really contribute to an increase in home value. But if you want to sell your home with broken singles, leaky roofs and a termite infestation, you’d definitely a get a lower price than if you fixed all these repairs.

So get your house inspected, and again, seek professional services. A professional inspector will check everything from your basement to your attic. They can discover the minutest of problems which you might not even be aware of.  When all potential repairs have been identified, figure out a budget and then start fixing the issues.

Paint the walls and the doors

When you paint make sure to use neutral shades only. While you may love red or purple walls, bright shades won’t appeal to most of the potential buyers.

Even if you don’t have any funky colored walls, you can still get them painted. Recently painted wall give your house a fresh and new look. This will translate into greater value, and hence, a better offer.

By the way, paint is also one of the most cost effective home improvement projects. It is also one of our favorites!

Plant some trees

Trees provide shade and can decrease your cooling costs, but you may have to wait a year or two until they grow. Where time is a concern, you can buy some potted plants and decorate them on the porch. The plants can also be put along the path leading up to your door. This is a simple and effective way to increase curb appeal. We’d all want to live in a house that is beautiful inside and outside.

But curb appeal isn’t just about potted plants. It’s about the whole exterior and involves a lot more, so keep that in mind.

Install a water filtration system

A water filtration system allows you to drink pure and clean water only. It will also lower your grocery bill because you don’t have to buy bottled water any more. Walter filtration can be inexpensive if you stick to a basic system. Plus, it helps you attract buyers.

Want other suggestions that can increase the value of your home? Visit our blog for additional topics or contact us with your questions.

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