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Common Home Maintenance Issues and Repairs That Put Off Potential Buyers

Common Home Maintenance Issues and Repairs That Put Off Potential Buyers

It is common to miss some wear and tear that occurs in your house with the passage of time. However, as soon as you plan to sell it, paying attention to home maintenance issues become vital. You need to understand that you must fix such issues before you put up your property for sale. But if you have only little time and money to fix these repairs, where should you start?

Well, the start should always be from repairs and fixtures that are more likely to put off your potential buyers. So what are the fixtures that are worth considering before you sell your house? Let’s find out!


The exterior of your house creates the first impression on the buyer. It is one of the first things noticed by potential buyers and it must look good. To improve the curb appeal of your house, replace the missing fence boards, de-clutter the walkway, clean up the junk from the back of your yard, mow grass and keep the garden clean.

Improve the exterior by planting some flower baskets on windows or flowers in the bed to make your house feel homier while adding color to it.


Many homeowners believe that paint is not an essential fixture for a house to sell. While this might be true in some particular cases, paint is the easiest and cheapest way to improve your house’s overall look. Darker colors in small rooms or peeling paint are one of the first turns offs noticed by potential buyers. So paint that parts of your house that need it to increase the odds of closing a favorable deal.

Roofing Material

When houses age, roofing material deteriorates but do we actually pay any attention to it before selling our house? Not much! We tend to forget that roofing material is an important component and keep our houses dry. So if you are selling an old house or if you live in a stormy area that frequently experience extreme weather conditions then you must undertake your roof’s repair and maintenance before you plan to sell your house.

Protect your roof from water intrusion and other damages by installing shingles, asphalt, concrete tiles or other roofing material.

Stain on Ceilings or Walls/Damp Patches

Do you know that suspect stains stop around three-quarters of potential home buyers from purchasing a house? Dampness is a separate area of concern that, if not treated in a timely manner, may lead to the musty smell, stained ceilings, black mold, crumbling plaster and other issues.

All of these are just simple telltale signs of dampness. Remember dampness is an expensive fix and your buyer may turn down the idea of purchasing your house if you fail to fix this issue before putting your property on the market.

All of these are the most commonly ignored home maintenance issues that every seller must take into account before listing their property.

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