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What to Fix When You Want to Sell Your House

What to Fix When You Want to Sell Your House

When you are ready to list your house for sale, wait a second and look around. You might have spent a good amount of time and money updating the exterior. But do you think that interior still needs some attention?

If your answer is yes, then stop and put a hold on listing your house for sale.

Many sellers spend a good amount of time and money fixing various aspects of their house’s interior and exterior. If you believe that the buyer will fail to notice the areas they did not improve, think again. A potential buyer is always well aware of the areas that need to be updated.

So to save yourself from a headache, you must consider some quick fixes before you list your house for sale. These fixes always pay off and may help you close a better deal in no time.

So what are these quick fixes that you should never neglect before starting your house sale process?

Let’s find out!

Cosmetic Damage

This includes areas and things like peeling paint or scuffed floors. You might not think these issues need to be fixed since it will not impact the function of your house but they do. It will definitely make your house look run down. While a keen buyer may choose to ignore these damages, some buyers won’t. Some buyers might not even consider purchasing your house by looking at the exterior of your house.

Updating Bathrooms and Kitchens

If your kitchen is awfully outdated and bathroom avocado green, don’t even think of listing the house for sale and expect a good return on your property. Bathrooms and kitchen are the most important areas of your house that matters to a buyer. Even though a buyer may change these areas as per their preferences, later on, this does not exclude you from leaving them as it is or ignoring these fixes. You will end up taking a big hit on your return.

Exterior and Roofs

If your house requires a brand new roof, simply bite the bullet and fix this. A roofing job may take a few days but no buyer feels good about a house that needs a roof replacement. A roof replacement is more of a maintenance issue so don’t expect a rise in your house’s value. Fixing the roof surely opens the doors for potential buyers while increasing the odds of closing a good deal.

Some of the areas of your house’s exterior and roof which must not be neglected include cement cracks in sidewalks, damage asphalt driveway, cracked doors or windows, broken locks or doorknobs, unpainted or broken fences.

House For Sale – The bottom line

A potential buyer is always interested to buy a house that is both good looking and functional. This means that you must consider both the interior and exterior of your house in terms of quick fixes. Make sure your house has no visibility deferred maintenance and don’t forget to update major electrical, plumbing and heating issues of the house.

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