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Improve curb appeal

Simple Ways for Generating Greater Curb Appeal

How well have you maintained the exterior of your home? How is your home’s curb appeal? A polished and gleaming appearance can attract a crowd or potential buyers.  So does that mean that you have to spend money on various home improvements?

Partly, yes. But then there are so many other ways as well in which you can improve curb appeal.  Let’s take a look at some low-end ways that guarantee a more attractive home.

Clean up

Surprised to see this on the list? As obvious as this may be, many sellers hardly pay any attention. One of the best ways to improve your home’s appearance is through a deep cleaning session. So dedicate an entire weekend to the task, and when you’re done, your tiles, windows and other components should gleam in the light.

Invest in renting a power washer for the day, and use a mixture of detergent and water or a glass cleaner to ensure that your windows sparkle.  Wash the roof if you want, but make sure that you don’t damage the coating on shingles.

Cleaning isn’t the only task involved. Trim overgrown bushes, mow the lawn and brush off that fence as well.

Add some shutters

Improve the look of your windows and make them look bigger by installing some shutters. Choose a color that works well in contrast with the walls of your home for maximum curb appeal.

Give the accent areas a fresh coat of paint

Painting is a quick way to add some curb appeal. Worried about the cost? Don’t paint the walls, just paint the doors, shutters and trim. You can choose a contrasting color as long as it gels well with the rest of your exterior decorations.

Should you hire the pros?  Not really. Just buy a bucket of paint which should cost around $20 to $30, and try doing the task yourself.

Improve the appearance of your door

Don’t like that big front door? Let’s give it a brand new look – without replacing the entire door. Yes, we did talk about paint, but you can also try and add some molding which serves as a beautiful decorative frame around the door, warmly welcoming your visitors. You can also jazz up the door by adding some wreaths or fixing metallic digits which spell out the number of your home. These cost around $5 per digit.

And by the way, if you don’t want numbers on the door, you can place them or even paint them near the mailbox or stairs.

Install a new light fixture

This is another effective way to improve curb appeal. Change exterior lighting fixtures which are available at around $20 at various home centers.

Pay attention to porch furniture

Just as the inside of your home, the exterior of your home should also not be too cramped with your belongings. So limit outdoor furniture and décor.

Get in touch with us for other ways to improve curb appeal.

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