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Lease Agreement Questions

Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Signing the Lease Agreement

Are you searching for an apartment?  There are tons of things to find out before you select a suitable apartment so go over the lease agreement from front to back.

Before signing any document, read through the lease agreement thoroughly and make sure answers to the following questions are clearly stated.

What is the rental amount and do you have to pay any fees?

Some landlords require you to pay bills separately, whereas some of them bundle all the utility expenses as part of the rent. So, find out the total rental amount and if any bills are included or not beforehand.

Generally, most of the landlords include sewage and water in the rental amount. All other bills like heat, electricity and internet have to be paid on top. For some of the apartments, you may also have to pay an additional administration fee.

Also find out which services will be under your name. In that case, there might be a deposit which is required by most of the utility companies.

How many people can live in the unit? What is the visitor policy?

Will you be living alone, with family or with a friend? Ask your landlord all the details of occupancy and the number of people that can live in the unit at a given instance of time. Most of the buildings only allow a bedroom to be shared among two people.

If your family is bigger or if you often have guests, you should ask your landlord about the policies and the maximum number of days your guests can stay at your place.

Is the deposit refundable?

Security deposit is refundable – after deducting costs of damages for which you were responsible.   So before paying your landlord any money, be clear about the deposit and the fee. You should get the deposit back if you maintain the rental unit in the same condition in which you moved in.

Also make sure that all conditions under which the deposits can be refunded are mentioned on the lease agreement.

What is the pet policy?

Got a love for animals? Landlords might not allow you to keep an animal in the unit, especially if you’re fond of exotic companions. Generally, some dog breeds are restricted and birds aren’t accepted by many landlords. In some cases, the landlord may even demand a higher payment which can be in the form of a pet deposit, a pet fee or even a monthly pet rent.

What are the clauses related to parking?

If you have a car, this is especially important for you. For certain apartments, parking is free, and in others, you may have to pay hefty parking fees.

What would happen if you break the lease?

You may want to break your lease agreement for many reasons: a new job, getting married, sick parent or simply any other thing. You should know relevant clauses beforehand.

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