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Tips for Quality Listing Photos

Listing Photos: Tips that Attract Buyers

Where do potential buyers begin searching for a home? No – it’s not with the real estate agents. Yes, most of the buyers involve a realtor in the home purchasing process, but their home search starts even before that – when they begin browsing online listings. It is the listing photos that attracts the buyers to a particular house.

What does this mean for you as a seller? That the listing photos of your home must be nothing short of splendid. After all, this is when the buyers first check out your house. And if you don’t qualify, they won’t attend the open house or make a visit. Read on to find out how you can capture attractive listing photos that make your home look truly enticing.

Check out your home… as if you’re a prospective buyer

Before you grab your camera, survey your entire house, imagining how it would look to anyone who doesn’t live there. Assess every room and space from different angles, and think about how you can capture all those important details into the listing photos. The pictures should highlight all the main features while minimizing the flaws of your home.

Select the best time… and even a day for the photography session

What do you think are the best days and times to take pictures of your home? Doing it on a cloudy day does minimize shadows – but from what we’ve seen, buyers are more attracted to listing photos that show off the clear, blue skies in the background – especially when you aren’t only selling your house, but all the incredible surroundings and the amazing weather.

What about the time? Most of the sellers like photographing their home during dusk, but that’s a very short duration, only about twenty minutes or so. So if you’re just an amateur, you may be better off capturing pictures earlier in the day when you have more time available. Generally, the best time to do so is when the sun rays fall right onto the front side of your home.

Clean the outsides

Curb appeal matters too much. So before you start taking any pictures, mow the grass, remove the weeds and trim the bushes. If required, give your walls a fresh paint, or at least, the door. Clear away all the clutter from the porch, and moreover furniture if it looks too shabby and old. You should also ensure that trash cans, hoses and cars aren’t captured in any of the listing photos.

Let the light flow in for your listing photos

Is the view from your home beautiful? Showcase it in the photos then! However, before you do so, thoroughly clean the windows and adorn them with curtains or blinds, and leave them open. Now sun rays will fall in, showing off the beautiful outside. Turn on the inside lamps as well for a prettier look.

Work with an experienced real estate agent and seek their advice on ensuring that your home stands out among the thousands of listings.

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