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Selling a Home – How Can You Attract a Millennial?

Selling a Home – How Can You Attract a Millennial?

Millennial or better yet Generation Y has been spearheading today’s real estate market for the last few years. In fact, they are expected to remain a large factor in the success of the real estate market for at least some time to come.

So how do you attract this segment of the population? How do you increase the number of younger clients eyeing online listings or for sale signs?

Here are five tips that will help to gear marketing to the young and important segment of buyers.

Improve Social Media Presence

Nothing can separate millennials from their smartphones so take the advantage and get them to have a look at your house by improving its presence on social media. When you establish a strong online presence, especially on different social media platforms, you cannot only connect with but also engage potential buyers within the Generation Y population.

Be Responsive to Queries

Millennials have no patience.  That is why there are deemed the generation of ‘instant gratification’. Due to high responsiveness on social media, they are used to have their queries and issues addressed almost immediately.

In fact, some agents stay away from millennials due to this demanding nature. However, if you are a smart seller you can use this nature in your favor. Simply respond quickly and place yourself ahead of other competitors. This will also open up your chances of being referred to other house hunting acquaintances and friends too.

Customized Communication

To positively close a deal with a millennial, you must customize your communication methods according to the preferred method of the buyer. For instance, they prefer to talk over the phone, use instant messages or email rather than meeting in person. Millennials don’t prefer having a more personal relationship with realtors. They choose easy and quick communication methods and like to get done with things in the shortest possible time.

Become a Resource

Most millennial are typically first-time buyers. Thus, it is imperative to work with an experienced realtor and use their knowledge as an active source of information for youngsters. Provide them with all the answers they need and this way you can help them see your agent as the trustworthy person. This trustworthiness will ultimately help the realtor to keep them engaged with the market they are actually interested in.

Have Some Good Reviews

Millennial have the bad habit of ruthless research. They spend a lot of time on online research before making a decision. Thus, your realtor must have a good amount of referrals and some positive online reviews to convince members of Generation Y. Most importantly, if your realtor has a good amount of testimonials from other millennials, it will be much easier for them to attract and persuade additional millennial prospects.

Follow these five tips and you will attract a lot more millennial buyers than you may think.  Implement these strategies and you will soon see your millennial audience grow exponentially.

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