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Neighborhood Amenities

What Amenities Should Neighborhoods Offer?

When you look around to buy a new house, there are many things to consider. For instance, whether the house has the desired number of bedrooms, proper layout that is conducive to your requirements if it is ready to move in or you need renovations. But there is something that matters even beyond your property line i.e. the neighborhood amenities!

The neighborhood amenities play an important role in a home buying process. After all, a homeowner can always change or renovate the house but the neighborhood cannot be changed!

Thus, the location of the house, safety factors, and the surrounding environment are just some of the factors that come first, even before the house.

Here are some of the basic neighborhood amenities that every home buyer must look out for!

Grocery Store

A thriving neighborhood is the one that gives you access to fresh food. It is a place that all of us visit at least once a week or multiple times in a month. So don’t forget to inquire about the nearest grocery store.

Proximity to Work/Offices

No matter if you drive to your job, all of us wish to get easy access to the office. In fact, most of the professionals only prefer houses which are closer to their workplace or company so that they can easily manage their working hours while spending comfortable time with their family and at their newly bought home.

Fitness Options

This is one of the most desired neighborhood amenities by prospective home buyers. A top-notch fitness area or gym is something inevitable for millennials. Even if you don’t follow an excessive and consistent workout regime, purchasing a house that is closer to a state-of-art fitness area or gym is a big draw for buyers at the time the house goes for sale.

Parks and Schools

Purchasing a house but without the consideration of the nearby school for your kids is a big mistake. You must select a house that offers good recreational parks and the right schools among different neighborhood amenities. However, if you don’t have kids who go to school, buying a house with these neighborhood amenities help in the quick sale of the house and get a good return on your property investment.

Travel Access

In addition, to walkable must-haves, you may need to leave town at any time in the future. Even if you’ve considered the work-and-play factors, look out for easy moving.  There are many nice communities but the only reason why home buyers are hesitant to buy them is that they don’t offer easy travel access. The freeway is around 20 – 40 minutes away. Thus many home buyers instead go with smaller communities or houses but with the one that is able to offer more traveling convenience.

Neighborhood Amenities

In a nutshell, there could be many neighborhood amenities that you may prefer to consider during your home purchase process. Not every neighborhood amenity might be an important consideration for you but you must always look out for the ones that offer a pleasant living experience and more convenience.

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