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Not Getting Any Offers? Here is what you should do!

Not Getting Any Offers? Here is what you should do!

Are you thinking that your house has been on the market for ages! You wish to sell it a soon as possible since the entire process has begun to wear you out. You have had multiple showings including an open house but then why didn’t you get any offers?

Does it all sound like a mystery to you?

If yes, read on!

First of all, stop worrying as you are not alone. It is a common issue and there are many houses that just don’t get any offer. Remember there is no secret sauce or magic bullet to end this frustration of not getting any offer on your house.

All you need is to do a few things differently and your house will get sold in no time. Here are a few things that are sure to kick-start interest and bring you some offers.

Consider Updates

Maybe your house makes a good first impression, but does it also send the message that it is move-in ready? If not, you need to take the assistance of professionals or take out your painting and cleaning supplies.

If you are not selling a fixer-upper, potential buyers are more drawn to a clean carpet, a fresh coat of paint both inside and out, good working bathrooms and kitchens or shiny hardwood floors.

You may think of them as small things in your grand scheme of things but they play a critical role in establishing a good first impression on your buyers.

Marketing and Price

Make sure your house price is right by going through the CMA prepared by your agent. Look out if you’ve missed something major about your location or your house. Check if anything has shifted in the market.

The easiest way to adjust the price is to factor in the potential buyers’ feedback given at the open house.  Address the issue that turns off the buyers. Keep your house less personalized and stage your house in a way so that the buyer faces no trouble picturing themselves living in it.

Make sure your listing photos are of good quality and properly lit. Also, make sure your listing description does your home justice. Highlight the best areas or features of your house and take your agents assistance to write a great description.

Offer Financial Incentives

While you might not have considered it but some sellers know how to entice buyers. They motivate buyers by various things and the foremost is a financial incentive.  For instance, you may offer to pay points or offer your buyer to ‘buy down the rate’ of their interest rate.

Each buyer is given a rate by their bank that is based on the current market condition. To get a lower rate, buyers must pay an upfront fee or a point. This upfront payment is also called ‘buying down the rate’ and to motivate buyer you can offer to pay it for the buyer’s interest.

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