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Open House – 8 Major Preparation Tips

Open House – 8 Major Preparation Tips

Buyers prefer open houses as one of the most preferred ways to search for the right house for several reasons. No doubt, a search for a new house is quite overwhelming. Thus, nothing could be a more stress-free way to browse through a house than an open house.

So if your home has hit the market, then your first preference should be to start preparing for an open house.

But how to do you actually prepare for an open house?

Well, if you are working with a professional realtor, he/she will assist you in preparing your property for an open house, but if you have listed your house without the assistance of an agent then here are the top tips to hold a flawless open house.

Create a Positive first impression

This includes freshening up the landscape and outdoor paint. Purchase some new items including a mailbox, garage door, house number etc. Clear and clean walkways and driveway and de-clutter the front.

Clean and Clean

Your house must be in pristine condition at the time of open house. Ensure deep cleaning by hiring professional cleaners, keep windows washed and carpets cleaned.

Spread the Word

List your open house in several listing services in addition to all the major Craigslist and real estate portals. Spread the word via social media, email or sharing news with friends. Do it in every possible way to get several people in the door.

Remove Pets

It is better to keep pets away from your open house or keep them confined to a low trafficked space. Make sure the cats, dogs or other pets are not heard or seen during the open house so that you can carry out the activity with more focus.

Light it up and Protect Belongings

Keep the blinds and curtains open and keep lights turned on in each room including on a sunny day. Keep the indoor both cheerful and bright. Also, lock up or remove any of your valuables. After all, your agent can only be in one room at a time with a single buyer so be smart about your belongings in the house.

Provide Complete Information 

Always provide your prospective buyers, complete information and address their questions. Give out flyers or brochures with house pictures, information about close by amenities and comparable home sales. Make sure home buyers leave your house with complete information.

Buy or Bake Cookies 

Treat your prospective buyers like your guests. Value them and serve refreshments. While not every agent may agree on the importance of serving your buyers, it is never a bad idea to value your clients. You may also consider giving out trinkets, notebooks or other items. When you serve your prospective buyers well, it gets your visitors to take more interest and interact with the seller or agent.

Gather Feedback 

The most valuable take away from your open house is to pay attention to buyers’ feedback related to features and price. If the majority of them thinks that your property is overpriced, chances are they are right. You may also take the contact information of buyers and contact them later to know their thoughts about your property.

If you want more tips on real estate matters, continue to read our blog or contact us with your questions.

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