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Attracting Landlords: How to Make Them Choose You as Tenants?

Attracting Landlords: How to Make Them Choose You as Tenants?

You must have heard, tenants saying; ‘if a potential landlord sat with me, I will get them to rent me the property’. If only attracting a landlord was that simple!

As much as it is difficult to find the right tenant for your rental property, the same goes for attracting landlords and making them choose you as their tenants. Oftentimes, it’s nearly impossible to find a good landlord.

In fact, if any of the landlords have already walked through your door then chances are that their property is already on the market for several weeks.

So how can you attract a landlord to choose you over the others? How can you make them come and talk to you? Well, there are many ways to do that, depending on the situation, but here we will show you three fundamental ways to get yourself noticed.

Ways to Attract a Landlord

Give yourself the great opportunity to simply wow potential landlords by following these tips, in addition to staying prepared, polite and professional.

Know Your Financial Standing

If you want to be a preferable prospect for a potential landlord, you must know your current financial standing. This includes looking for rental places that you can afford. This means figuring out your annual income and sources of it.

Having adequate income to easily qualify for a property rent is the first step. Remember landlords always check tenant’s credit score. Actually, this is the scenario where your late credit card payments may come back and bite you. Indeed, if you do have some blemishes in terms of credit history try explaining a mediocre credit score and have a logical explanation as to how and when circumstances can change.

Be on Time and Dress the Part

If it’s time to meet the landlord and view the property, this is a great opportunity to persuade them. As we know first impression count so always arrive on time and dress up nicely. No exercise clothes or torn cutoffs but choose an outfit that is more business casual. Clean khakis or slacks and a nice button-down shirt can make a great first impression.

Take this meeting as your job interview and arrive a couple of minutes earlier. If you are wondering why; it is a part of common courtesy that subliminally tells the landlord that you are disciplined and punctual in habits – something that is a plus for landlords.

Don’t Hide Your Pets

There is a common belief that landlords avoid tenants with pets. But this does not mean that you should hide the fact. In case of a pet, things get tricky as cautious landlords don’t bother guessing how house-trained and well-behaved your pet is, but simply move on.

Indeed, some savvy renters avoid this issue by simply suggesting a pet interview. In fact, this is an acceptable offer for many landlords as it helps them to have an assessment of the pet’s demeanor and behavior.

If you need more tips to attract potential landlords, continue to read our blog.

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