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5 Questions to Ask the Landlord before Moving into a Rental Unit

5 Questions to Ask the Landlord before Moving into a Rental Unit

Have you found the perfect house? Best rent, sweet balcony, great location and full-size fridge! Sounds like a perfect spot! But wait! Not so fast! Be sure to look at these questions to ask the landlord before moving in.

But have you also asked the questions which you must ask your landlord before moving into a rental unit?

If you haven’t then you must! Even before you plan to move in or sign the lease. Before you enter into the contract you must get answers to some pertinent questions.

These questions will not only help you decide if you really want to rent that property but will also assist in fulfilling lease terms without conflict.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 questions to ask your landlord.

How will you pay the rent and how late fees are assessed?

Today, almost every landlord offers the option of electronic payment but maybe you will be charged a convenience fee for doing so. This could be from $1 to $5.  Thus, always confirm the method of payment from your landlord. Maybe it makes more sense to pay through a check by mail to the landlord. Also, do ask when and how the late fees will be imposed. For instance, some landlord impose 5 days after rent is due.

In what circumstances may the landlord enter the premises without giving any prior notice?

Even though you don’t own a rented house, it doesn’t allow the landlord or community employees to easily enter the premises anytime they like. As a general practice, the landlord must give prior notice. But there may be some instances when landlords may enter the house without giving any notice so clarify such circumstances at the time of contract.

Be upfront about the scenarios that would warrant them to enter the house. This is also important from your safety point of view.

How far in advance must you give notice for moving out?

As a general practice, tenants give this notice at least 30 – 60 days prior to moving out. However, If you fail to issue such notice, your tenancy contract may renew automatically or you may lose the security deposit altogether.

How many changes can you make to the house/apartment and how much cost will be involved?

Some landlords allow changes to meet your requirements. But adding your personal touch to a house may cost you. There are some landlords who may not approve changes to their apartments or houses and may withhold your security deposit when you move out. And some landlords don’t mind allowing changes but only if you can put things back the way they actually were before you moved in.

Under which circumstances will your security deposit not be refunded?

Typically the answer to this question is when you don’t clean the house sufficiently. This may also allow the landlord to withhold some amount of your security deposit. So if you don’t want to compromise the deposit, keep the property the same way it was before you move in, except for normal wear and tear.

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