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Red Flags of a House – What Makes a Beautiful House a Bad Choice?

Red Flags of a House Indicating You’re about to Buy the Wrong House

If you have found a house during the time when the interest rates are close to record lows and the house price is attractive, good for you! But this does not mean that each listed house on the market is certainly a good buy. Make sure you look at for the red flags of a house.

Today’s housing market is in favor of the buyer but consumers should not neglect everything and must pay due diligence prior to agreeing to terms. A thorough inspection of the house is definitely a good idea but oftentimes these inspections are costly. So if you can catch the red flags, without hiring a house inspector that can help you save a few bucks and to make a right the right decision.

So what are the common red flags of a house that is not up to the mark? Let’s find out!

Foundation Issues

Problems with a house foundation are definitely not common but when they happen, they become a huge problem for homeowners. So if you are planning to buy a house, it is a big red flag! Before you finalize the deal, take time and look for windows and doors that fail to shut properly, deep cracks in the concrete foundation of the basement or house walls, cracked or uneven floors, walls that appear to be leaning and bulging one way or the other.

Discolored Roof or Walls

In case you notice stains inside the house, it is definitely a sign of water leaking from the outside. This could also be the issue of the ice dam that may have wedged itself through the exterior of a house. In the meantime, water stains present on the roof of the house’s main floor is indicative of old leaking pipes, installed within the substructure of the house.

Deformed, Uneven Shingles

Missing shingles is another indication of improperly installed shingles just like curled shingles are the signs of old age and are in need of replacement. You must already know that a complete roof replacement project is not cheap. It is simply a red flag for the home buyer that you must veer off elsewhere.

Similarly, sagging shingles indicate that the underneath support of the roof is sagging and damaged. This damage may be due to water exposure. When water is present inside the house’s structure, there is a very good chance of rotting wood.

Pests and Insects

Unfortunately, pests and insects don’t understand the law and don’t move out of the house when you buy it.  So it’s you who will have to thoroughly lookout for these pests and insect infestation before you sign the deal. If you observe a stream of ants in the basement, there is a good chance of house’s exterior breach. This is the only way ants are actually entering and exiting the house.

Not to mention, rodent infestation is even worse. In some cases, it can severely disrupt or damage the house’s interior structure.

The bottom line, purchasing a house is your life’s biggest investment. So make sure you choose the one that not only looks fit but also perfectly livable.

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