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Moving Out Of Your Rental Unit? How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Moving Out Of Your Rental Unit? How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

So you are moving out and want your security deposit back! Doesn’t it feel like some impossible feat?

But in truth, it isn’t!

Your security deposit is your money and if you’ve taken care of the property well enough while fulfilling your contractual obligations, don’t lose the hope of getting back your deposited amount when you move out.

If you are moving to a new rental unit then you might need this money for the down payment or to make a deposit on the new rental. But it is a common observation that landlords often drag their feet when it comes to returning the security deposit. In some cases, you may wrongfully withhold a portion of the money from the deposit.

However, a landlord is required to follow state law at the time of depositing the security deposit. This means that the money should only be used for particular expenses and must be returned to you as per the contractual deadline. That is why; tenants must plan ahead and take the necessary steps during their tenancy that would help them in getting their security deposit back by the time they move out.

Things to Consider Before Moving In or During Tenancy

Apart from the steps taken when you move out, there are some steps that you take before moving in or during the tenancy period. Among them;

  • Reading the lease and all of its conditions carefully
  • Understanding the laws relating to tenants as well as landlords.
  • A thorough inspection of the property before moving in and taking pictures to document the property condition at the time of tenancy agreement.
  • Report all the malfunctions and damages immediately to the landlord, during the tenancy period and if they are not your fault.
  • Keep the improvements made to the rental property properly documented and keep the property in good condition.

All of these are some of the considerations that must be taken care of to avoid any problems in receiving your security deposit back.

Things to Consider When Moving Out

When you move out, fix all the damages or changes made to the property. Particularly the ones; not explicitly approved in the tenancy agreement.

You must follow a move out a checklist to thoroughly clean the property. Some of the items that most tenants forget about include removing all screws and nails from ceiling and walls. Replacing unsavory toilet seats or cleaning kitchen appliances.

Meet With the Landlord

It is advised to meet the landlord before moving out. Allow them to inspect the unit and show them the fixtures. Take pictures after cleaning and fixtures and show the final condition.

If after taking all these measures, your landlord doesn’t return the deposit, send them a demand letter. This letter includes your reasons to demand your deposit back, a copy of the relevant documentation, citation of the state laws and details of your demand.

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