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Advice for First Time Home Sellers

Advice for First Time Home Sellers

As you plan to put your first house up for sale, no doubt you will come across many questions and certainly a lot of anxiety. In fact, homeowners don’t fill the shoes of the first-time seller until they plan to buy a new house. Be sure to be informed before going to sell a house.

What many first time home sellers forget to consider is that selling a house is quite different from buying one.

Buying a house usually involves feelings and emotions whereas selling a house usually center on maximizing profit potential.

Therefore, in this post, we will help you understand the house selling process. So keep your house ready to sell, start evaluating offers, get ready to deal with closing and make a move to a next dream house.

Sell a House – Make a plan

The most important advice is to develop a plan. Take control of the selling process so it doesn’t fall apart. Planning involves making some key decisions like setting a price, hiring a realtor, plotting the next move, staging home etc.

Be on Time

When you sell a house at the right time, both financially and emotionally, you can make a huge difference both in terms of listing price and selling experience. So, get familiar with the sale prices prevailing in your area and then choose the best month to sell your house.

Keep a Realistic Price

A home gets maximum exposure immediately after being listed. Thus you must price it right and right from the start. Even if you price the house a little high than the prevailing price of similar houses in that area, you are likely to miss out on the best group of buyers. To set a competitive price, make the most of your agent’s experience and years of knowledge.

Evaluate the Home From a ‘Buyer’s Eye’

Recall what made you buy this house in the first place and before you made it a home. For this, leave out your emotions and memories and make some reality-based tough decisions about pricing, improving, and marketing. You can also take the agent’s assistance to refresh or fix things so that you get the biggest return on your property investment.

Track and Attract Interest in Your House

Your house is your financial asset so you must keep an eye on catching the buyer’s eye. Place your property advertisement on the right platforms and add curb appeal to the listing by improving photo quality and a well-written description. It is important to write a persuading description as words have the power to boost the sale price whereas non-serious phrases will be a big turn-off to potential buyers.

Set Priorities

Make sure your selling agent knows your preferences. Is it about closing quickly or receiving the asking price or keeping closing costs to a minimum? You may not get it all so you must prioritize what you want before listing the house. This will make it simple to evaluate offers, decide on concessions and make counter-offers to the buyer.

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