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Essential Maintenance Tasks to Take Care of Before You Sell Your Home

Essential Maintenance Tasks to Take Care of Before You Sell Your Home

Are you all set to sell your home? Have you done any advanced preparations? This is one of the many fundamental questions that you must ask yourself before putting your home on the market. The selling season of 2019 is upon us and the checklist to prep your house for the competitive market may seem endless.

In addition to emotional upheaval, there are many maintenance tasks that a seller must complete before selling the house. A few small touch ups can go a long way to make your real estate transaction a safe one, to attract potential buyers and to provide maximum investment return.

Isn’t it great to offset the emotional upheaval when you go to sell your home?

So let’s just put on a buyer’s hat and walk through your home like the very first time! Make a list of noticeable or highlighted areas of the home and start with the following essential home maintenance tasks list.

Clear the Clutter

If you want your buyers to focus on the positive key areas of your home, you must de-clutter the house. Banish the stack of mail from living room table and remove the piles of shoes from the entrance. Remove all the irrelevant things, including furniture items that make a home look messy or may distract the buyer from your home’s best features.

Repaint Your Home

A worn out or way too dramatic paint is one of the first things that capture a buyer’s attention.  In fact, it has the potential to turn off a good portion of potential buyers. As you prepare yourself and your house for sale, repaint the house, both exterior, and interior, in more neutral tones such as whites and tans. This shifts buyer’s focus to highlighted features of a house rather than the color of the walls.

Bring Greenery Inside

One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your house is to furnish it with a few pretty buds and potted plants. This helps to bring fresh energy into your house. You can also place vases and plants to fill in empty corners and to draw more attention to your house’s features that you want potential buyers to notice. Should we mention that the plants should be healthy and bug-free?

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation

Just little tweaks and touch up to your house’s bathroom and kitchen can significantly improve your house’s value. If your kitchen is bit outdated, invest in your property by replacing the faucets, fixtures, and hinges. Cover the beaten up appliances and furniture with some pretty slipcovers.

Similarly, give your bathroom a relaxing feel by adding scented candles, stacking some pretty ribbon tied washcloths, placing faux plants, placing towels and bathmats in complementary tones like white, blue or light green.

Boost Your House’s Curb Appeal

We cannot stress enough the importance of a house’s curb appeal to attract potential buyers. Indoor appearance is secondary. In fact, some buyers may not even bother to enter a house due to poor curb appeal. So make sure the exterior of your house looks impressive. Weed the flower beds, trim the shrubs, paint the walkway or suspend a pretty wreath on the front door.

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