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Sell Your House – A Practical Timeline

Sell Your House – A Practical Timeline

When you plan to sell your house, you make that decision over time. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t rush to list your house for sale but in the real world, life happens! When you’ve planned to sell your house in the most suitable circumstances, you plan and prepare.

However, many homeowners are not sure where to start. But if you have around two months time to play, you can easily benefit from a timeline to sell your house.

To help you with that, here is a timeline that you can use to plan and prepare for your house to sell. It will help you keep you engaged and moving at every step.

Two Months Prior To Listing

Once you’ve have decided to sell your house, it’s time to proceed with the following steps;

  • Use listing websites and research the local market. Try to get the basic information about houses for sale in the neighborhood to get an approximate price range for your house.
  • Get your home ready for sale. Tour your house with a critical eye and evaluate its existing condition. Look for three basic types of problems: functional, cosmetic and irreparable.

Cosmetic changes are simple fixes that require minimal costs. For instance, painting walls or ripping our worn out carpet.

Functional fixes are a bit more expensive and make an impression on the buyer who looks forward to home renovations for instance, installing the latest cabinets or kitchen appliances to compliment your gorgeous house.

Irreparable concerns are things that cannot be changed. For instance, your neighbors, house location, traffic patterns etc.

Six Weeks Prior to Listing

This is a crucial step in your timeline. It’s time to interview different real estate agents and choose the best fit to carry out your transaction. This requires time and you would need to research the top local realtors than signing up with just anyone sending advertisements to your house. Since selling a house is a big transaction, work with only a professional and reputed agent.

One Month Prior to Listing

It’s time to establish a price for your house with the assistance of your agent

  • Start packing and start moving out. Do this so that you can stage a de-cluttered home and it will also help in your eventual move.

Two Weeks Prior to Listing

It’s your personal preference but it is a good idea to hire a professional stager and make your house as impressive and stylish as possible. Otherwise, you may go ahead and use your own furniture.

Listing Day

By now, you are already done with bulk cleaning and now you just need to maintain the cleanliness level. Oftentimes, agents bring potential buyers on short notice thus it is very necessary to maintain your house clean at all times.

Also, ask your agent to provide some feedback after each viewing. This will help you fix the concerns with a little bit of tweaking in terms of repairs, staging or price and sell your house faster.

Follow this timeline and sell your house faster. Remember the sooner your house gets sold, the higher the price you will receive for your property.

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