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What Your Landlord Will Never Tell You

What Your Landlord Will Never Tell You

Even if you’ve read all the fine prints on your tenancy agreement, chances are there are still a few things that you must know but your landlord will never tell you.

So what are those things, your landlord is keeping under wraps?

From bugs, to noise, to Facebook snooping, here are some of the things that you must ask your landlord.

Tenancy Agreement – Noise

Sure when you live in a big city you must deal with some noise. But this doesn’t mean that you should deal with too much noise, all the time. This is something tenants don’t pay attention to, before moving in.

Ever heard of a scenario where the landlord fails to mention the loud elevated train that regularly passes outside the window? Or; what about the noisy AC sound that didn’t catch your attention during the first visit?

There is no point in renting a house just to move back out after a few days. So make sure to check all the appliances and take note of bus stops, construction sites, religious establishments and other factors that may turn out to be ‘too much noisy’ once you’ve already moved in.

Tenancy Agreement – Bug History

Even though every landlord should follow the bed bug disclosure policy and must give the disclosure form that lists all the infestation records but landlords don’t like to share this detail with their tenants.

Some landlords believe that past bug infestations have no bearing now and the stigma continues even when the house is bug free. While this can be true in some cases, being a tenant you must not neglect the issue and assess the current scenario on your own.

You can do it by checking the bed bug complaints or even violation history on the relevant website of your state. Also, keep your eyes peeled for any kind of roach poison along with rodent droppings. Make sure you do your best to evaluate the cleanliness of the property.

Tenancy Agreement – Your Landlords Have Already Checked You Out

In today’s day and age, checking out a person through social platforms is not just employers’ or paramours’ practice but landlords also follow these footsteps. There is a good chance that your landlord has already checked your personal profiles and they will certainly not tell you that.

In addition to social platforms, landlords often check over the previous residences and sensibly run a criminal background check. As your landlord is acting responsibly, you should also take the accountability for disclosing all the relevant information during the tenancy agreement.

Tenancy Agreement – Problematic Neighborhood

Your landlord will never tell you if the neighbor is an abusive alcoholic or a large family with many kids.  This is something that you figure out on your own. That is why it is always advised to get familiar with the neighborhood before signing the tenancy agreement.

Pay due diligence and knock on a few doors and talk with neighbors. Ask them how it’s like to live here and what the problems are.

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