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Are You About to Hire the Wrong Real Estate Agent?

Are You About to Hire the Wrong Real Estate Agent?

If this is the first time you are buying or selling a property, chances are you might end up hiring the wrong real estate agent.

When you pick the wrong or non-professional real estate agent, it increases your chances of getting into serious problems throughout the buying and selling process.

So how would you know if you are hiring the right real estate agent?

Well to help you with that, here are some common indications of the wrong real estate agent that you must recognize immediately.

If your realtor has started to show any of these traits right from the start, consider yourself lucky and start looking for a better professional.

Traits of the Wrong Real Estate Agent

Lack of Confidence

Many people bring a list of interview questions when they meet a realtor. This is perfectly fine as before you hire the realtor you must know if they are good at their job. You need to know if they have the market knowledge and have what it takes to bring you the property you want.

When you ask these questions from realtors and you find them nervous or uncomfortable, you must become suspicious immediately. A common sign of an inexperienced realtor is that they talk fast and have nothing to really say back. This is a sure sign that your realtor doesn’t perform the business he/she claims to.

No Communication

When you hire a real estate agent, they work for you. This means that they must maintain effective communication throughout the property buying or selling process. But if you realtor is failing to maintain good communication or not providing sufficient information, this means that he/she is not acting at their full potential.

A lack of communication is considered as the sign of incompetence and inexperience. An experienced realtor ensures a proper communication system in place. They keep the buyer and seller well informed about market condition, buyer/seller demands, and condition of the property. After all, a realtor is supposed to guide you through the process rather than leaving you in the dark.

Failure to Utilize All Resources

An experienced realtor has access to a lot of channels during the home buying or selling process. When you work with an experienced agent, they use all of their resources and get you the desired outcome. On the contrary, an inexperienced real estate agent uses limited resources, usually just one or two, considering it enough. Thus if you are attempting to sell a house and the agent only helps to put a sign up in your yard along with some listing service, you are in trouble!


There is a huge amount of paperwork involved during the real estate transaction. But if your agent seems unorganized, fails to deliver paperwork in time, misses deadlines, all of this is a risky behavior that you must scrutinize closely.

Don’t let your inexperienced professional mess around your transaction or property. If you find this trait in your hired agent, consider replacing them immediately.

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